Book Bouquet's Author Advantage Program

Calling all published authors: Introducing a program that lets you create a gift basket around your book. Generate a new revenue stream by making your book "giftable" for any occasion by teaming up with Book Bouquet gift baskets.


Here are some more program specifics:
  • Book Bouquet and you, the author, will work together to create a gift basket that compliments your book. Author agrees to provide Book Bouquet with copies of your book.
  • Book Bouquet will assemble all gift baskets and will ship your gift baskets for you when orders come in. If you prefer to handle shipping Book Bouquet will ship your gift baskets directly to you in case quantities agreed on by both parties.
  • Book Bouquet will photograph your gift basket and provide you with the image on a white background. Additionally if you would like to have your own photographs made Book Bouquet will send you a gift basket. Author agrees to pay the wholesale cost of the gift basket and shipping.
  • Author agrees to pay for any specific gift items that they want for their gift basket that Book Bouquet does not already carry in their product line.
  • Depending on the items you select for your gift basket Book Bouquet can go from concept to completion in one to two weeks for your final gift basket design. Please note if you want to include any imprinted items such as ribbon, cookies, or mugs, etc. your completion time may be longer.
  • Author may sell gift baskets on their website or link to Book Bouquet's website if they do not currently handle online order processing. Author agrees that all orders they receive through channels other than Book Bouquet will be emailed to the same day they are received so Book Bouquet can ship gifts in a timely manner.

Author and Book Bouquet Gift Baskets both agree to do the following:
  • Promote book and gift basket on their respective blogs. Book Bouquet will want an author interview to post on their blog. In addition gift basket may be included in Book Bouquet's gift guides which are emailed to our customer list.
  • Promote book and gift basket on their facebook pages with reciprocal "likes" as well as multiple postings.
  • Promote book and gift basket on their twitter accounts, and other appropriate social media to be determined by both parties.
  • Make gift basket for sale on their respective websites.
  • Book Bouquet will retain 50% of the sale and the author will receive the other 50%. Retail price to be agreed on by both parties. Payment for sold baskets will be made at time of sale to each party. Book Bouquet accepts all major credit cards and paypal for payments. Book Bouquet will pay author via credit card or paypal as agreed on by both parties. Author will pay Book Bouquet via credit card or paypal as agreed on by both parties.


Book Bouquet Gift Baskets has been in business since 1998. We have a large inventory of gourmet food selections, gifts, and packaging to help you create a gift basket that compliments your book. If we don't carry an item, we know where to go to get it!

Want to get started?

Email with "Author Advantage Program" in the subject line. We'll send you our "author questionnaire" that will give us information about your book and your audience. After you return the completed questionnaire Book Bouquet will contact you to discuss the specific design of your gift basket.

Delivery Info:
Same day delivery of gift baskets is not offered.
Orders for gift baskets placed after 3:00pm EST ship the next business day.
There is no delivery of gift baskets on weekends or US Holidays.
No delivery of gift baskets to hospitals on weekends.
For Gift Basket Deliveries to Hospitals see our shipping page for more information.
See Book Bouquet's FAQ page for frequently asked questions.