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Birthday Gifts for Kids
Children's gifts for kids ages 3 to 13 full of activity books and things to do. No food kids gifts are the perfect gift for celebrating a child's birthday. Why send junk food when you can send brain builders!

Happy Birthday Box for Kids
ages 3 to 13
Kids Book and Teddy Bear Gift Set
teddy bear hugs
Fun Kids Boredom Buster Activities Gift Box

We think kids and books go together like pancakes and syrup.

Unique gifts for kids that encourage imagination, creativity and play! You can find a kids gift by age or by occasion. Our kids gifts include gifts for girls and gifts for boys for ages 0 to 13. Kids gifts are full of things to do not junk food! We think our no food kids gifts are the perfect gift for any occasion.

When you search for kids gifts by age you'll find baby and toddler books baskets, gifts for children ages three to five years old, gifts for kids ages six to eight years old, kids gifts for ages nine to eleven years old and young teen gifts for ages twelve to thirteen.

Shop by occasion and you'll find get well gifts for kids, birthday gifts for kids, Halloween no candy kids treats, and Christmas gifts for kids. You can send a gift to a child in the hospital or send a birthday gift to a child at their home.

Our themed kids gifts cover so many areas of interest you'll love the problem of deciding what to choose! Animals, favorite characters, crafts, art, comics are all part of our kids gifts line-up. Make a special memory for your favorite kid when you share the crafts from your childhood or your favorite kids books.

You can rely on Book Bouquet. We make you look good:

  • We've been around since 1998, you can trust us to treat you right, and to send a great gift. We wouldn't have made it this long if we didn't take care of you, our customers!
  • Every gift we've created has been to solve one of our gift giving problems. We know we have a gift that is just right for your special needs too.
  • We are happy to create custom gifts especially for you!
  • Book Bouquet was started when owner, Kim Shanahan, wanted to send a book to a sick friend in the hospital. Click Here to read more of our story.