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Books and Puzzle Books Gift Basket Hours of Entertainment
Books and Puzzle Books Gift Basket
Books and Puzzle Books Gift Basket
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Product Description
Books and Puzzle Books Gift Basket includes:

Book 1 a hardcover bestseller from our list of great book choices to include inside your gift basket.

Book 2 from our paperback list featuring favorite authors, trivia, puzzle books and humor.

Word Search puzzle book for hours of entertainment.

Engaging Sudoku puzzle book with easy to hard levels.

Crossword puzzle book America's favorite kind of puzzle book.

Mini pretzel twists two single serve bags.

Smartfoods popcorn single serving bag.

Deluxe mixed nuts 3oz. box.

Soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie packs with 3 cookies per pack.

Books and Puzzle Books Gift Basket measures 14"l x 8"w x 13.5"h.

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When you want to send an entertaining birthday gift no one has better choices than Book Bouquet! Our birthday gifts have plenty of things to do and feature puzzle books, novels, coloring books and more.

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