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Book Baskets with Hardcover Books
"You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me."-C.S. Lewis

Bestsellers by beloved authors, Oprah's book club, and favorite television personalities make up the current list of great book choices to include inside your gift basket.

Bed Rest Get Well Gift Basket
Bookworm Gift Basket for Her
Gift Basket for Book Lovers A Food Free Gift
Books and Puzzle Books Gift Basket
Deluxe Feel Better Gift Basket with Books
The Entertainer Gift Basket
Choose the book to go with your gift from our list of 20 different titles. Book Baskets are always the perfect gift! These gifts for readers let you choose books from chillers and thrillers to politics and history for your book basket. Gift baskets with books make great gifts for men and women. A book basket gift is a gift that gets opened again and again. Gift baskets with books come in many price ranges and are created for every kind of reader. You will always find a gift basket for book lovers in your life. So many book choices make it easy to give a gift basket with books. Book baskets are perfect gifts for readers for any occasion.

At Book Bouquet we think books make everything better!

For sending a get well gift, sharing your birthday wishes, offering condolences, celebrating a new baby, or marking a special occasion a book basket is always a thoughtful gift to send. Book baskets let you get personal by sending a book about their favorite interest, by their favorite author, or introducing someone to your favorite author you get to be personal with book baskets.

Gift baskets with books make great gifts for men and women. Our bestseller book boxes mark many occasions from get well and birthday gifts to beach reads and coffee breaks. Book Bouquet's many book choices make it easy to give a gift basket with books to your favorite reader. Our book lists include thrillers, romances, political books, humor books, history books and adventure stories making it easy to find a gift basket for the book lovers in your life.

Give Books, Share Stories, Make Memories...that's our motto! Give a gift basket with books and you give a piece of yourself. While we can all appreciate the ease of the "ereader" there's something special about holding a book. Turning the pages, smelling that "book" smell, holding another world in your hands, books are magic. So spread some magic today with your gift of a book basket. It's a gift you give that can be opened again and again.

You can rely on Book Bouquet. We make you look good:

  • Give Books, Share Stories, Make Memories it's the theme behind every Book Bouquet. When you give a book basket you are giving a gift with a personal touch that can entertain, comfort, inspire or cause a case of the giggles. That's a gift that is always in style!
  • We've been around since 1998, you can trust us to treat you right, and to send a great gift. We wouldn't have made it this long if we didn't take care of you, our customers!
  • Every gift created has been to solve a gift giving problem. We know we have a gift idea that is just right for your special needs too. From the hard to please to the person that has it all Book Bouquet offers gifts for everyone.
  • We are happy to create custom gifts especially for you!
  • Book Bouquet was started when owner, Kim Shanahan, wanted to send a book to a sick friend in the hospital. Click Here to read more of our story.