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Summertime Gift Basket
Summertime Gift Basket
Summertime Gift Basket
Item#: BBSpring
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Product Description
Summer is filled with so many special occasions and this gift basket is perfect for all of them.

Summertime Gift Basket Includes:

Your choice of a paperback book. Choose from favorite authors, humorous books, game books and knowledge enhancing books.

Zesty lemon filled creme wafers in 3 oz. tin.

Key Lime thimble cookies in 2.5 oz. box

Tiramisu filled wafer cookies in 4.4 oz box.

Dark chocolate covered coffee beans in 1.8oz box.

Decadent fudge brownie in 1.5 oz. box.

Chocolate chip brownie brittle in 1 oz. bag.

Columbian decaf coffee in 2.5 oz. bag, makes one delicious pot of coffee

Organic Mexican coffee in 2.5 oz. pouch, makes one delicious pot of coffee

Chocolate covered java bean biscotti sticks, two individually wrapped sticks.

Your gift arrives in a gold metal basket, makes a wonderful decorative container after the goodies are gone.