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Bookishly Brilliant Reader's Gift Basket Perfect Gift for Bookworms
Bookishly Brilliant Reader's Gift Basket
Bookishly Brilliant Reader's Gift Basket
Item#: BBHCSBB15
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Product Description
For the person in your life who doesn't just like to read, but LOVES to read this gift is perfect.

Bookishly Brilliant Reader's Gift Basket includes:

Book 1 a hardcover bestseller from our list of great book choices to include inside your gift basket.

Book 2 a second hardcover bestseller from our list.

Book 3 a third book from our paperback list featuring favorite authors, trivia, puzzle books and humor.

A crossword puzzle book with all levels of difficulty from easy to tricky to keep the mind sharp.

A word search puzzle book for hours of boredom busting entertainment.

Engaging sudoku puzzle book with easy, medium and hard levels for relaxation or brain stimulation depending on the mood.

A variety puzzle book with all different kinds of puzzles to get the brain buzzing.

Sticky notes to keep their place in the books or to take notes as they read or do the puzzle books.

Notepad for keeping track of all the books they are reading or a quick game of hangman.

Bookishly Brilliant Reader's Gift Basket arrives fully assembled and ready to give. It's wrapped in a clear cellophane bag and topped with a bow then bubble wrapped and shipped in a box to the recipient.

Gift dimensions are approximately 14"l x 10"w x 14"h.

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When you want to send an entertaining gift no one has better choices than Book Bouquet! Book Bouquet's many book choices make it easy to give a gift basket with books to your favorite reader.

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