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Gourmet Bereavement Gift Basket for Sympathy
Gourmet Bereavement Gift Basket for SympathyGourmet Bereavement Gift Basket for Sympathy
Gourmet Bereavement Gift Basket for Sympathy
Item#: SYMBR05

Product Description
A thoughtful sympathy gift basket for sending condolences. This sympathy gift basket is appropriate to send in remembrance of the loss of a parent, grandparent, sibling, child or spouse.

Gourmet Bereavement Gift Basket Includes:

Gift book, Chicken Soup for the Grieving Soul a wonderful book of comforting essays on loss and healing. When you're grieving, it helps to read stories from other people who have been through the same thing. Losing a family member or dear friend is a shared human experience. You'll find comfort, inspiration and camaraderie in these revealing personal stories from other people who have lost loved ones.

Gift book, Letter to a Grieving Heart is a book designed to recognize grief, despair and how to come through with faith and hope. Let comforting words lift you up and point you to the ultimate mender of broken hearts, Jesus.

Gourmet gifts inside your sympathy gift basket include:
4.2 oz box of thin and crispy sugar cookies

3.25 oz box of hazelnut creme filled wafer roll cookies

2 oz box salted caramel chocolate cookies

3.5 oz box of buttery pretzel sticks

5 oz jar of sweet and tangy mustard dip

5 oz beef summer sausage

3.5 oz box of snack mix a combination of pretzels, nuts, sesame sticks and rice snacks

1.5 oz box of California pistachio nuts

1.41 oz box of delicious almonds

6 oz box of peanut brittle

Cranberry harvest medley snack mix 2 oz. box

1.5 oz tin lemon candy

3 oz. box of Primrose Hill butterscotch candy

Hemingway Highlands Select tea with 5 tea bags in gift box

Comfort Collection crackers 4.4 oz. box

3.5 oz. vineyard estate Merlot cheddar cheese spread

Gourmet Bereavement Gift Basket for Sympathy arrives in an elegant metal tin fully assembled and ready to give. Sympathy gift basket is wrapped in cellophane, topped with a bow then bubble wrapped and shipped in a box to the recipient. Sympathy gift basket measures approximately 15"l x 8"w x 14"h.

Sympathy gift baskets express your deepest sympathy during a difficult time. Sympathy gift baskets include books with words of comfort for times of loss. A thoughtful bereavement gift to turn to again and again. Gourmet gifts and caring books the perfect combination for sending condolences in a sympathy gift basket.